Made On Delmarva: Delaware Sauce Company

Hot sauces that are easy on everyone's taste buds, but still packs in a kick, that's what Delaware Sauce Company is all about.

"Ours are made to so everybody can like it. Even the people who think they can't do hot sauces. So they're basically sauces for many different things whether it is seafood, or beef, or  pork," says Rick Ewing, the Owner and Creator of Delaware Sauce Company.

Rick tells us he began making hot sauces in the 80's.

"Back in 1988, and through the 80's. You can go to a restaurant and get hot wings anywhere and potato skins as an appetizer, but at home you couldn't get that sauce. There was only Tabasco or Texas Heat, or something like that, so one day I decided that I would start mixing things from my kitchen."

However, Rick  admits he's learned some scalding lessons along the way, especially when it comes to handling ghost peppers.

"I found out the worst way, I actually go it in my system, and my nose, my eyes," says Rick.

After a few trials and errors over the years he's rolled out six hot sauces. The first one he created is the Original Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce,  that pays homage to local flavors found on the shore.

In the last years he's been partnering with local restaurants to sell his sauces. Rick prints out the restaurant's logos and places them on his bottles.

"Different local restaurants carry my sauce. From Fish Tales in Ocean City, all the Hooked restaurants have it," says Rick.

His sauce's home base is in Seaford, that's where they're all made.

"So we touch every bottle that goes through here. It's not machine done," says Rick.

Rick took us to the backroom where he showed us how to make one of his sauces. It's called 'Cayenne Cassie', which is named after his daughter.

Rick mixes in a red aged cayenne pepper base with brown sugar and vinegar. Once all the ingredients are mixed in, it is dumped into a dispenser and ready to be bottled, capped , and sealed.

With that, another bottle is ready to hit the shelves and add some spice to your life.

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