Downing Project complete, Sells children home for the holidays

With the help of Habitat for Humanity, church groups, family friends, even strangers Valentina, Adyahnn, and Naomy are finally home and just in time for the holidays.

"It's great because I'm a holiday person I️ love to decorate, I️ can't wait to put up my tree. But most of all to see the children happy that's making my holiday better to see the kids at peace," exclaims Valentina Downing, their grandmother. 

Home for the holidays, it's a blessing for Valentina. Since the last 12 months have been riddled with tears, prayers, hospital rooms, doctor appointments and heart ache.

But Valentina says being home for the holidays wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the village of people helping

"I️ just can't tell everybody thank you enough for all they have done for us as a family we couldn't have made it without everyone that helped us, we wouldn't have made it." 

This is no ordinary home with the help of habitat, Adyahnn and Naomy now have their very own rooms plus space where they can continue to beat the doctors expectations and flourish.

"The kids are doing great. Adyahnn is still in physical therapy but he's doing good. Naomy is doing good she's just in speech therapy right now, but she's doing well in school, regular school. They're back in school so that's a plus." 

It's a safe space where all three of them can love and know Arielle is watching over them.

"We always, always remember Arielle she loved owls so in almost every room you go in you'll see an owl and that's just a reminder that she's here with us." 

Valentina owes it all to the community that held her and the kids through it all.

"It was the prayers and those people who were in the background praying and holding me up through all of this." 

A family exceeding all expectations. A family that the community will continue to love on. 

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