Cygnus spacecraft reaches its destination

On Sunday, it was an exciting day on Wallops Island.

The Cygnus cargo spacecraft on the Orbital ATK's Antares rocket blasted off.  

This morning, Cygnus reached it's destination the International Space Station.

We're told Cygnus will spend the next 3 weeks at the orbiting laboratory. 

The spacecraft contains 7,400 pounds of cargo, including food and personal items.

A big focus for the astronauts is science, so experiments were also included in that delivery. 

Today, they’ll start to unload and bring those items in. 

Once that’s complete, they'll load the cargo module with disposal cargo.

We are told for the first time, they are extending the lab by bringing science experiments inside that module.

The ISS will unberth the spacecraft on December 3rd. NASA will use Cygnus to run experiments on the space station. It will officially depart the station the next day, December 4th. 

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