Crisfield community honors over 200 veterans and servicemen

Although we should honor our military everyday, Saturday our nation will honor those who have served when celebrating Veterans Day.  

The holiday is well known but how it started may not be. 

Veteran's Day actually traces its roots back nearly a century when the first World War ended and an armistice was reached between the German and the allies. 

The armistice, a formal agreement to stop fighting. At that point November 11th became formally known Armistice Day. 

"Next year as a matter of fact will be the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI and the establishment of Veterans Day which was formally called Armistice Day so November the 11th, the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is always celebrated as Veterans Day," explains Terry Pehan. 

And it wasn't until 1954 that Armistice Day was renamed to Veterans Day after many lost their lives during the Korean War and World War Two. 

And since being named a national holiday back in 1938 Americans have been honoring those who've served our country any way they can.

This year is no different as Crisfield began the Veterans Day celebrations today at the Crisfield Elks Lodge. 

Five military branches all with the same goal to protect, our country, our liberty, and our freedom.

And to honor those who have served our country Crisfield residents cane out in numbers to serve them.

"Veterans Day is a day we come together and we continue fellowship and remember those times we served together and have that common bound regardless of the service that we're in," says Terry Pehan. 

And that's exactly what over 200 veterans did at the Crisfield Elks Lodge Friday with the help of Somerset County students and other community members. 

A morning filled with patriotic people, those who fought for our country and those who appreciate all they've done. 

Dan Kuebler, a retired Air Force pilot, says "It's great to see their appreciation because not having done something like that they really don't know what the person or the lady or the man encumbers by doing that…so it's great seeing the community come out and turn out for us it's fabulous." 

But Terry Pehan, a retired Air Force colonel, says Veterans Day means something different to the men and women who fought in combat. 

"For the combat veteran, Veterans Day has a different emotional meaning because it's a time where they remember their combat days and the men and women who had their back who may not be here to celebrate Veterans Day so for them it's a real special rememberence." 

It's a day dedicated to not only thank those who have served but those who also game the ultimate sacrifice.

Active duty military and first responders also took part in this community event as they do every year. 

Pehan says it's because they carry on the veteran's tradition right here in our backyard serving and protecting our communities.

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