Art League of Ocean City turning beach trash and litter into art to raise awareness

One man's trash is another man's treasure and the Art League of Ocean City is taking that term to life. 

The non-profit organization is raising awareness about littering and how it affects our environment by turning it into art. We are told they hope this shows the effects that trash does have.

This exhibit called "Reimagined" features pieces of art made from trash picked up from the beach. 

One local artist created an Assateague horse and dolphin out of the litter collected from Assateague Island. 

Another sculpture was made out of 500 water bottles by students. 

This art league is quite unique. 

It's the only building in Ocean City where you can create art and admire it. 

Besides galleries, they have classrooms and studios for artists to come in and work on their craft.

If you'd like to learn more about their classes or upcoming events, you can call the Art League at 410-524-9433. 

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