Accomack voters to decide ballot issue

One of the issues on the ballot tomorrow will ask Accomack County voters to decide if school board members should be elected or appointed.

The county is one of the only places in the country that doesn't elect school board members.
Instead, the body is selected by the commonwealth's general assembly. 

Organizers for the ballot measure collected well over 4,000 signatures to get the item on the ballot. 

47 ABC asked some local voters what they thought about the ballot question and it looks like most people think its a good idea to elect the school board. 

"Elected. (why?) Because I think its more fair to the people on the Eastern Shore if they elect somebody.", says Dixie Guy.

Clarence Wilson agrees.

"You have your kids and your family within the schools so yoi would want the best thing for your kids of your family." 

Not everyone is on-board with the push to elect school board members. 

Some say changing things might mean minorities will no longer have a seat at the table. 

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