Seagull Century still on despite rainy forecast

Sea Gull Century sign

Seagull Century, a nationally recognized bicycling event, kicks off Saturday. The event is bringing upwards of 5-thousand people into Salisbury this weekend.

Salisbury University will be hosting a number of vendors in their Magg's Gym where participants will be able to buy merchandise as well as bicycle equipment.

Unfortunately, the weather isn't looking so great for the annual event, but coordinators said they don't believe it will stop any of their participants.

Amy Waters, an Event Coordinator for Seagull Century, said, "Actually they're die hards so they're going to show up anyway. We're going to get a few more registrants this evening for sure. Probably around 200 additional. You know, they're troopers, they're athletes, they like to get out and you know, ride the rain the little drizzle will cool them off some I think. It will be good for them."

Salisbury University says they will be providing food to those unstoppable Seagull Century participants at their dining hall throughout the weekend.

Participants also were able to enjoy a special kick-off reception on the Perdue Lawn from 4 to 6pm Friday night.

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