PRMC’s “Stop the Bleed” class teaches individuals to act quickly and save lives

Today and everyday from now until we pass, we will always remember what happened in Las Vegas on October 2nd, 2017. 

At a country music concert, 59 lives were lost and more than 500 were injured.

The shooter didn't survive the night, but many did, thanks to the life-saving measures of friends, family and strangers. 

These heroes were able to save lives because they stopped the bleeding.

Because local matters, we're focusing on a local hospital trying to make sure that that lesson is shared with others so that they can do the same in the face of overwhelming obstacles. 

At the Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, they are hoping to help anyone faced with overwhelming odds with classes called "Stop the Bleed."

It's a nationwide campaign that focuses on hemorrhage control, identifying life threatening bleeding and how to stop it.

Medical professionals say that a person can bleed to death within five minutes.

And it's not just about applying pressure, it's also about calling 9-1-1 at first. From there, you identify the life threatening bleeding.

Then you'd pack the wound until you can't pack anymore. You hold the pressure until medical personnel arrive.

The class will also show you how to use a bleeding kit, complete with dressing and tourniquets.

Tools that can save your life if they are used quickly and effectively.

The only time you need a tourniquet is actually when you have life threatening hemorrhage. 

If you don't have a tourniquet you can use whatever you ever such as a shirt or belt to hold the pressure. 

PRMC is hoping this class gives everyone a chance to save a life. 

The next class will take place on October 26th. 

You can register online here and the class is free. 

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