New Salisbury market to provide local produce and products to customers

Rabbit Hole Logo

A new market featuring local products and produce will be opening it's doors in late October. The market, called the Rabbit Hole, is located at 229 East Main Street in downtown Salisbury.

The co-owners of the new market, Daniel Mears and Jeremiah Burns, said they wanted to create the business to help the local economy. They said, "It takes a community to build the community."

They said it is our responsibility as locals to invest in the enhancement of everything that's on every corner of our community.

One of the many local farms that the Rabbit Hole will be receiving produce from is Baywater Greens, a farm that is located right outside Salisbury.

The new market will also be offering an extensive selection of local spices and local coffee selections.

The co-owners of the Rabbit Hole said they're excited to open their doors later this month.

Jeremiah Burns, a Coowner of the Rabbit Hole, "Downtown is focused on building, we're focused on building with it! So the soft opening will be October 20th, I can't wait for people looking forward to being excited on how it continues to grow."

The owners of the Rabbit Hole are encouraging people to "follow the rabbit" by liking and sharing their Facebook page, so that you can follow their posts for any updates.

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