MVA and DNR teaming up

You can now get more done at the MVA, at least that's the case for the one in Salisbury.

The Maryland Department of Transportation announced Tuesday the start of the DNR Licensing and Registration Service Center, located within the Salisbury MVA. The office combines the resources of these two agencies, giving the community access to what the MDOT MVA and DNR have to offer.

Officials say it will bring convenience and lessen the worry for the community. The moves comes as part of Governor Larry Hogan's customer service pledge for the efficient delivery of these government services. 

"One stop shop. A place where you come and get the governments services that you need. If you think about it, if you have a boat, you also have a trailer, you'd have to come to the MVA for your trailer, and yet go to DNR for your boat," said MVA Administrator Christine Nizer. "Two separate locations, but now you come to one place and get everything right here."

The MVA is also introducing TSA pre-check services to those frequent airport visitors. 

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