MSP: Man throws heroin out of window during Somerset Co. traffic stop

Two men were arrested, after authorities say one of them threw drugs out of the window during a traffic stop, in Somerset County.

Maryland State Police say on Sunday, just before 1:00 AM, a MSP trooper pulled over a vehicle for speeding, in the area of southbound Route 13 and Peggy Neck Road, in Princess Anne. Authorities say the trooper noticed that the driver, 19-year- old James Nguyen of Cambridge, and the passenger, 18-year-old Javar Camper of Cambridge, seemed to be very nervous. The trooper then apparently called additional units to assist with the traffic stop. 

According to the report, while waiting for backup, the trooper saw Camper throw a small white bundle out of the window. MSP says the object was determined to be 100 wax folds of suspected heroin. Law enforcement reports that during a search of Nguyen and Camper, they were found to have $1,268 in cash and Camper reportedly had a loaded Beretta 9mm handgun in his pants with an obliterated serial number.

Nguyen and Camper were arrested and currently being held without bond.

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