Millsboro Police Department scaring off monsters to connect with community members

As Halloween approaches, our little ones may be scared of ghosts, witches or even some monsters as the holiday approaches. 

But have no fear, Millsboro Police Department is here. 

Instead of fighting off ghosts, they're hoping to shoo away scary monsters through their program called Operation Monster Check. 

Children can call in for some assistance if they have any concerns of a monster creeping under their bed or closet.

An officer will come in to inspect to make sure they are free of any creatures. 

This is a great way to tie in their Annual Millsboro Night Out. 

A safe way to have children trick-or-treat on Halloween night. 

But the bigger picture here, Millsboro Police Department is hoping this fun program can be a great way to connect law enforcement with the community. 

Chief Calloway says, "We are trying to promote that our law enforcement officers are also working with kids on positive levels whether it's at night out or if that's us checking out your closet for that scary monster."

Millsboro Police Department is constantly coming up with innovative ways to connect with their community.

Their next project includes a food drive with a local grocery story to raise enough funds to feed those in need during Thanksgiving.  

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