Community reacts to Sheriff Lewis’ deleted Facebook post

A Facebook post written by Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis may have been deleted, but it hasn't been erased from the minds of the men and women he serves.

On Sunday, Sheriff Lewis shared a post on his personal Facebook page.

A post where he refers to the Raven's game protesters as "…poor, self-proclaimed, underprivileged, Fist Wielding, Black Power Activists…who do nothing but decry the hardworking men and women of American law enforcement."

Words that some community members aren't happy about.

"I don't think that was the action of a leader and I don't know, I think that was enough to go ahead and say we want him out of there."

While many have been quick to share their displeasure, there are plenty who are defending the sheriff's post.

One woman saying, "I think its freedom of speech and we have every right to be able to do that."

"Whether we like it our not it has a reflection on his job. I didn't agree with him over guns, I don't agree with him over this situation, but he's more than entitled to pose his opinion out there," says another.

47 ABC reached out to Sheriff Lewis for an interview, but he declined saying that his 'statement speaks for itself, that nothing more needs to be said'.

But the deleted post continues to raise questions for community members.

"In the heat of the moment people do and say a lot of things and Facebook gives us the outlet for people to do that, so I can't say exactly what he intended but the message and the attitude of what he said and the fact that he deleted it right after seems like he's targeting people that I don't think he 100 percent understands."

There's also a petition going around on, a petition to get Sheriff Lewis to resign and it has over 200 signatures so far.

See Sheriff Lewis' full Facebook post below:

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