Berlin boy continues 100 day tradition

An 8-year-old from Berlin is continuing a very special tradition.

3rd grader Mason Hetherington is getting a head start on his 100th day of school project. It's an assignment where he has to collect 100 of anything, and it's not his first time.

He's nnown around Delmarva from his kindergarten project, where he was gifted over 800 police patches. Then came 1st grade, where he collected kids toys for PRMC. Last year's project was over 6,000 pounds of dog food for local animal shelter. This year, he's sticking with the animal theme, collecting Kong dog toys.

"We walked in the humane society when we were donating them– we saw that there were a lot of big breeds of dogs, and they didn't have toys" he said. 

For those that don't know, a Kong is a durable, industrial rubber dog toy with holes to stuff treats and food into. 

"It's a little bit of an expensive toy so we don't get a lot of those donated, but it is a toy that can be used just for fun, also for feeding. It's something that's truly an enrichment item for the dog," said Worcester County Humane Society Director Jessica Summers.

Mason will be splitting the toys he collects between Wicomico and Worcester County animal shelters, like he did last year. For his mother, she's seen firsthand her son learn the best value of them all.

"I think he really saw how amazing it was to give instead of receiving," she said. "It's been really nice to help him be philanthropic and continue to look for ways to help instead of being on the receiving end."

When we arrived to Mason's house, he had just received a donation of 100 Kong toys from the company directly. In a matter of weeks, he's hit his goal. But he doesn't want to stop there. They're about halfway to their goal on the Go Fund Me page, where you can donate if you'd like to help.

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