Arson fire destroys popular pizza shop in Crisfield

News no restaurant owner wants to wake up to, finding out your shop is on fire.

But that's how Billie Chandler, the owner of Crisfield's Pizza Shoppe woke up Wednesday.

This fire was no accident, the state's Fire Marshall says someone intentionally set the Pizza Shoppe in Crisfield ablaze.

Given the damage, emotions were high for Billie Chandler, who owns the shop, so she requested to speak with 47 ABC off camera.  

She tells us it could have been a lot worse if the fire department didn't catch sight of it when they did.

At around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, police and firefighters were responding to a vehicle on fire a block away when they saw flames shooting out of the top of the Pizza Shoppe.

It would turn out the fire marshall would rule both infernos to be caused by arson.

The suspect or suspects still on the loose.    

For Chandler, she's just glad her ovens and other cook ware didn't go up in flames like most of the back of the shop did.

The bad news it was enough damage was caused to keep customers out for quite some time.

Chandler tells us she doesn't see the Pizza Shoppe up and running again for another six months, leaving 8 to 10 of her employees without work.

Police say this investigation is still ongoing and they are asking anyone with information regarding this crime to contact authorities.

They're asking people to contact the State Fire Marshall's Office at (410) 713-3780 or Crisfield Police Department at (410) 968-1323.

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