Powell building’s potential makeover

An iconic Salisbury building may be getting a much-needed makeover. 

The Powell Building on Main Street, which was built in 1936, has received a purchase offer from DEVRECO. The development and real estate company, which has redeveloped buildings all over the city, is looking to give a fresh start to the former Montgomery Ward department store. Brad Gillis, owner of DEVRECO, says the 45,000 square foot building has a lot of potential and is looking to add another piece to a revitalized downtown Salisbury.

"Similar to a property we just redeveloped, which is Riverview Commons, which has, Angelo's Gift Shop and Acorn Market in it. So, if you can picture uses such as those for the first floor of this building and above that, you'd have office space," he said.

Gillis says the amount for the building is undisclosed at this time, and they are in the middle of a contract negotiations. A timetable for the official purchase has not been set.

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