Pinehurst Elementary brings school to students before first day

Pinehurst teachers hugging student

Back to school is just a weekend away! To help teachers and staff get excited for the new school year, Wicomico County Schools hosted a pep rally Thursday morning.

Following Thursday morning’s Wicomico Schools pep rally, staff members of Pinehurst Elementary School filed into two school buses to visit some of this year’s students and their families.

Their goal was to make sure their students feel comfortable and welcomed.

Kevin Smith, the Assistant Principal at Pinehurst Elementary, said, “We’ve been doing this for many years and we continue to build upon that as today, we go out and visit three community neighborhoods. The Camden Community Garden, the Booth Street Apartments, as well as the water side area.”

Pine Hurst staff said the annual event helps connect them with their students.

Regina Rando, the Principal of Pinehurst Elementary, said, “Well it’s a way for the Pinehurst staff and teachers to come out into the community to welcome the children to come back to school.”

And the teachers came baring gifts.

Reading Intervention Teacher, Heather Cherry, said, “We’re giving out pencils. I think some other teachers brought some notebooks and things to give out, you know, just so they’re ready for the first day.”

The annual neighborhood visits not only help students, but they help teachers feel more comfortable too.
Cherry said, “I mean for a teacher it’s exciting too because it’s not too new for you either on the first day.”

Families said they are grateful that teachers and faculty go out of their way to introduce themselves.

Julie Willis, a parent of Pinehurst students, said, “We just love that they’re coming out to the community so the kids can see them so the parents can see them so I really like that they’re coming out and taking time to meet everybody.”

Teachers said students look forward to the neighborhood visits every year.

Cherry said, “They love it. They ask us every year if we’re still coming. Last year we didn’t get a chance to bring supplies, so they were really excited this year that we’re bringing them supplies and they really like meeting their teacher right away.”

Pinehurst Elementary said they hope their program will help serve as an example for schools all over the state.

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