Peninsula Alternative Health set to open up shop in Salisbury

Salisbury will soon have a medicinal marijuana dispensary in it's city.

Peninsula Alternative Health is set to open in the following weeks and were guests at the Salisbury Area's Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

They were there to explain what they plan to do and how the state's laws are implemented. 

Owners from the dispensary spoke about the history of cannabis and the drugs medical uses. 

They also explained how they plan to run their dispensary located on Snow Hill Rd. 

Their main goal is to attract patients who need help once they open up shop.

CEO Anthony Darby tells 47 ABC, "Our value here is actually helping patients that are looking for medicine right now that's not available to them. Giving them a safe and secure place that they can go get medicine not be judged and really improve their quality of life that they aren't able to do today."

Darby has been a chamber member for 10 years. He says they plan to hire 6 to 8 full time employees. 

They tell 47 ABC that the are scheduled to open anywhere in the next 3 to 6 weeks. 

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