Paying it back to one who paid it forward

"That's been his mission to help people ever since I've known him. This is the mission that's giving back now with these rocks," says Susie Walters.

A rock which seems so simple, but means so much to 77-year-old Charles Walters, better know as Chuck, who's given his life to helping others.

Chuck's wife, Susie says, "He should have been honored many years ago because he's been in the food ministries and he's taken care of so many people that were in need and gave of himself."

Chuck spent most of his adult life working for groups like the Joseph House to help families who struggled to make ends meet.

Now sidelined, Chuck is mostly homebound fighting prostate cancer and undergoing intense chemotherapy.

So the community is rallying together to bring that same joy he brought to so many families back to him with kindness rocks.

"He was still very sick and sad and stayed in bed a lot and I said well I wonder what I could do to make things a little different for him so what I did was I asked the group the sby rock group if they would rock his house," explains his daughter, Kristal Elzey.

Soon enough people from all over the shore responded. So much so that Chuck now has over 180 rocks and although they don't seem like much, they're the reason behind Chuck's smile.

"It's been a good journey like this rock here. This is one of my favorites it doesn't say anything but look at it and it says a whole lot," says Chuck.

Susie adds, "I'm so emotional because these rocks have really touched my heart, so many of them are personal."

But these rocks aren't just putting a smile on the Walters' faces, they're doing so much more.

"In all this I can truly say that we have drew closer together as a family that's what the power of love does," explains Susie.

"We talk almost everyday now and say, 'how many rocks did you get?' and 'what do they look like?' and 'who were the people?" says Kristal.

And now everyday, his daughter Kristal says he has something to look forward to.

With each rock comes another smile and another blessing.

Chuck says, "I don't know how much more time I've got left here on earth but I fulfilled my 77 years here and I have no regrets. Like the guy had on his shoulder that tattoo no regerts, I have no regrets of life."

The Kindness Project also serves as a way to bring communities and families closer together.

Tammy Lyndee drove an hour today to bring rocks to Chuck and Susie.  She says its turned into a family affair, since all of her kids helped out to paint the rocks.

And seeing the impact it had on the Walters' makes that hour drive all worth it.

Lyndee says,"Super cool. I mean you just never know. The smallest thing that can really make a difference for somebody."

We're told the kindness rocks aren't slowing down anytime soon. More and more people are painting rocks and placing them around town in hopes of brightening someone's day.

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