Life Crisis Center using courtroom replicas to help prep children go to court

Going to court for many adults can be quite nerve wracking, whether the issue is big or small.  

But imagine if you're child and had to go through that exact same process. 

Life Crisis Center in Salisbury is hoping to ease that process through a simple yet innovative tool. 

It's a courtroom replica that hand crafted entirely by wood. 

Executive Director, Abby Marsh, says "Local craftsman made a courtroom replica for us. Actually made more than one for us. So we have several that can be used at the local child advocacy centers. What we do at life crisis is try to turn victims into survivors and some of the victims that we work with are children so preparing them for court is apart of the process."

The replicas are prepping children who have to go to court to testify against their abusers. 

Lead therapist Farah Vangenderen tells 47 ABC, "They're talking about sometimes some of the worst times in their life. Sometimes they're very confused about what's happened. Most of the time, it's someone they love and care about is on trial."

The impersonation of the court room is a great therapy tool to assist children during this process, who may experience anxiety of the unknown. 

Life crisis center says their mini court rooms are also helping the State's Attorney Office.

Prosecutors say it helps them prepare their clients as they get ready for court. 

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