Intruder killed during home invasion

Delaware State trooper

Imagine you're safe in your home, it's midnight, when two armed men come storming in. 

For many, it's their absolute worst nightmare, but for one Bridgeville man, it was his reality on Sunday night. A reality that ended with the loss of life.

One of the armed men died in a struggle with a person inside of the home they targeted. 

Jessica Johnson, the aunt of the victim, said, "My daughter had called me and said that my nephew had a home invasion. So I went over, came over and it was a home invasion here."

The victim's family were the ones who called 911. They said their family member came out of the incident unharmed and is now doing okay.

Destany Armwood, the victim's cousin, said, "He's fine, I saw him earlier. When it happened, he had called me and I came straight home a little after 11 and I called the police and it furthered from there."

The family says Delaware State Police responded quickly. Armwood said, "It wasn't long, about five minutes we could hear them way down the road and the helicopter was out here immediately."

Once police arrived on scene, they found that one suspect fatally shot himself, but the other suspect was gone, and is still on the loose. 

Despite the horrifying circumstances, the family commended the police, and said they are grateful for their response. 

Armwood said, "They responded to us in a timely manner they made us feel comfortable and they provided us with conversation and, you know, hospitality other than what had happened so they took our minds off of a lot of stuff."

This is not the first time a burglary has happened on the 11000 block of Iris Field Lane. Residents said that their home has been broken into before.

Johnson said, "You know, people work hard to have a place to stay and upkeep of their house and it shouldn't be kicked in and invaded by someone who don't wanna work and don't wanna do anything with their life."

Now these family members are sharing a message for others.

Johnson said, "Watch the company you keep, get alarm systems and you know, and just do what you need to do for yourself to keep yourself safe."

The suspect who escaped is described as a male who was wearing all dark clothing and a mask over his face at the time of the invasion.

The victim of the invasion is now installing a new door and will also be installing home security soon. His family urges others to do the same.

Anyone with information in reference to this incident is asked to contact Detective M. Csapo at 302-698-8427 or  Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333

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