Group aims to raise awareness to human trafficking in Delaware

A21 is aiming to raise awareness of human trafficking in all fifty states, including Delaware. 

The group met with locals in Georgetown Thursday evening to discuss the topic, how to prevent it, what resources to use if it occurs and an event coming in October.

Organizers for the event say Georgetown is a spot where human trafficking does occur and say most people they speak to don't realize it occurs in their own backyards.

Georgetown Police are partnering with the group to hold a 1.3 mile walk on October 14th.  That walk will be based at the Georgetown Middle School parking lot. Participants will wear jeans with black shirts and bandannas that have a rescued human trafficking victim's name on one side, with freedom written on the other.

Sarah Betts, with A21, says these crimes occur across the state.

"We have a lot of immigrants that come in each summer to work.  But we also have cases that reported in seafood that is the completely other side of the county.  And there's also been reports in Dover and in Wilmington so it's hit all sides of our state."

If you want to register for the walk, you can register at

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