Dover’s American Idol hopeful

It's been two years since there has been an American Idol. With the once dominant series returning to TV screens, auditions all across the country are popping up, including Tuesday in Annapolis, Md.

26-year-old Dover resident Shannon Garcia will be one of the many testing out her skill and auditioning, but for her, this isn't a first. She auditioned back in 2009, and also for The Voice, twice.

"I made it through the first round of producers," she said. "I got the little ticket, it wasn't the golden ticket then, but they let me go past and I came back, auditioned again and they were like, unfortunately you're not what we're looking for this year, but you have a great voice, you need to come back."

And come back she did, all in honor of her late grandmother who passed away a year ago from a battle with cancer. Shannon says her grandma was her rock, raising Shannon from a young age as her parents struggled with drug addiction.

"She was the one that pushed me to be better and to make better decisions than people in my family have and that's definitely a huge reason why music was such a big factor in my life," Garcia added.

Showcasing her work on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, the Dallas, Texas native says that she has found her voice. She knows what it takes to become the next American Idol, and wants to make her dream since the age of three, a reality.

"I would definitely like to make this a career, so hopefully if it can just get my foot in the door, that would be worth it for me honestly," she said.


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