Dickerson: Guilty of murder

In Wicomico County a verdict has been made in the murder trial involving 21-year-old Daquan Dickerson.

The jury found Daquan Dickerson guilty of murder, but not in the first degree. Instead they decided to go with the lesser charge of second degree murder.

The jury also finding him guilty of charges including assault, armed robbery, reckless endangerment, and others.  

Although it was a lesser charge, the state still calls this a win adding that they can't say much until sentencing.

Yesterday in trial, the defense called a forensic scientists who pointed to the fact there was no conclusive DNA evidence linking Dickerson to the murder weapon.

However ultimately it seemed it was the testimony of both of Dickerson's accomplices that proved the state's case.

One of them, Joshua Perry, even testifying that he and Dickerson were responsible for shooting Gaskins.

Dickerson will now be held without bond and a date for his sentencing has not yet been set. 

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