Day 2 of Daquan Dickerson trial

Wednesday, was day two of a murder trail in Wicomico County.

Twenty one year old Daquan Dickerson is accused of pulling the trigger in the death of Keonte Gaskins last May, leaving Gaskins to die in a stairwell.

Two other people have already pleaded guilty in connection to this murder. On Tuesday, one of those men, Gerald Savage, testified.

On Wednesday, Joshua Perry,  the other accomplice took the stand said he and Dickerson were the ones responsible for shooting Keonte Gaskins.

Perry told the jury that Dickerson, Savage, and him all got into a car that day and drove to an apartment complex in Salisbury. The plan was to get revenge on people that had robbed Dickerson. Once they got to the scene Perry said Savage stayed in the car while Dickerson and him got out and shot at someone coming down the stairwell. After the shooting, they fled the scene and Perry said Dickerson seemed 'excited' that they had gotten revenge.

Perry added that the day after the murder, they found out that they had shot the wrong person and that Gaskins was not the intended target.

The trial is expected by wrap up by Friday.

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