Cheer Center honors those who served in the military

A stroll through memory lane, that's what it felt like for veteran, as they walked inside the Georgetown Cheer Center.

Wednesday the center was filled with military uniforms and replicas of weapons that brought nostalgic memories.

"To me the army was a very wonderful place to be with," says EllanOrkin, a former army nurse.

The Cheer center honored the men and women who served in the armed forces with Military Honor Day. The event that pays homage to those who have sacrificed their lives, but also gives the community and local students an opportunity to speak one on one  to those who have fought for our freedom.

One of the veterans sharing their story  was Ellan Orkin. Orkin tended to soldiers during WWII.

"Our hospital was a large general hospital. We had to do all the major surgeries, we would patch them up. It wasn't easy…it wasn't easy…lots of nights you didn't sleep," says Orkin.

Orkin tells us she's  glad  she can still share her memories with younger generations, but hopes that the U.S. can learn from past wars and think twice before deploying troops into a war zone.

"They're so young and I never want them to go through what we went through," says Orkin.

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