150th anniversary celebration

The Town of Ridgely threw a birthday bash Saturday, celebrating its 150th anniversary.  This is the climax in a string of celebrations thrown throughout 2017.

The day began with a massive parade down the towns main street that featured anyone with ties to the history of the town including veterans, farmers, descendants of founders, former town commissioners and alumni marching bands.

The day continued with the dedication and opening of the renovated train station on Railroad Avenue, which dates back to the earliest years of the town's existence.

Town commissioner Anthony Casey explained the significance of the train station to the town.

"When you think of Ridgely history, it was all based around the train station.  The Town of Ridgely was supposed to be the largest town on the eastern shore that spread all the way to the Choptank River, and it was all based around boats and ships or the trains so the train station is a huge part of Ridgely."

The town is celebrating with various events throughout the year, including unveiling a new town flag this past May.

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