Worcester County Humane Society in need of volunteers

The Worcester County Humane Society is in need of help; in the form of volunteers.

Right now they only have 12 volunteers on staff and tell us they need at least 17 to 20 to operate at full capacity. They're asking for pet lovers and people with consistent schedules to help with things such as pet care, fostering, fundraising and taking some shifts looking after shelter cats that are currently being housed at PETCO. All they ask if for those interested to have a consistent schedule and to be available one to two days per week.

With only 12 helpers on staff, they need to increase the help, while keeping the bottom line low.

"Well one of our biggest costs is labor costs, volunteers help us to keep that cost down since we are a non profit and we're constantly raising money," says Board of Directors member Tina Walas.

If you would like to help, you can call the Humane Society at 410-213-0146 or visit them in Berlin, Md.

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