Wicomico Mentoring Project looking for volunteers

Everyone needs someone in their life they can depend on, especially young children.

That's why Wicomico County Board of Education has the Wicomico Mentoring project and this year they are amping it up to meet different needs for all types of kids.

They've started 'A La Carte' mentoring.

Mentoring Coordinator, Mark Thompson tells 47 ABC there's so many ways for adults to mentor kids, it doesn't just mean helping kids with their homework.

Thompson says they are currently looking for mentors for this upcoming school year.

They're looking for people who can dedicate just 45 minutes to an hour of their time each week to spend with a student or group of students.

Whether it's just eating breakfast or lunch with them in the cafeteria or coming in after school to help tutor.

There's so many ways someone can become a mentor to a child and anyone can be one as long as they are consistent.

"Anything you want to do just come into our school system work with our students and see its going to make a difference. I can't even explain the feeling you have when you impart into a young person some knowledge you may have, experiences that you've had and see how they light up and see how they make a difference mentoring makes a difference," explains Thompson.

If you think you have what it takes and are interested in becoming a mentor, visit the Board of Education's website.

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