Wicomico celebrates with Parade of Towns

The Wicomico County Fair came to a halt Saturday afternoon at 1:50, as folks gathered along the roadside to get a look at the Parade of Towns, another way the county is celebrating 150 years.

County executive Bob Culver was just one of many government officials at the event — including state senator Jim Mathias, Delegate Addie Eckardt and more both in office, or running for office.

The event, Culver says, is a way for Wicomico County to show off its heritage and its pride.

"It's told the whole state of Maryland, 'here we are this is our 150th anniversary,' and we're very proud of that, and we're an agricultural community and we're here to show that off too."

Zach Evans, Chairman of the Fair, says the parade is meant to highlight more than just the City of Salisbury, saying there is a lot going on in the suburban areas surrounding the city.

"There's also a lot of great stuff going on in the suburban areas and the rural areas within Wicomico County, and that's kind of what the Parade of Towns aims to do.  Is to just focus on those folks, showcase on what they do and kind of promote what is it that we love about the culture and the lifestyle here on the lower eastern shore."

Fire departments, police agencies, businesses and marching bands from towns all over the county, including Delmar, Fruitland and Hebron strutted along the parade route, with Wicomico County Sheriffs leading the way.

"It aims to kind of commemorate the heritage here on the lower shore by bringing in twelve different delegations who are representative of townships and municipalities and communities throughout Wicomico County," said Evans.

It's just another in a long list of ways the County is celebrating its special birthday.

"This is just the first of many things to come for the 150th anniversary," said Culver.

If you want to make it out to the Fair at Winter Place Park in Salisbury, it will run through 6 o'clock Sunday.

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