What does a partial solar eclipse mean for Delmarva?

While parts of the country will see a total solar eclipse on August 21, here on the Eastern Shore, we’ll only see a partial eclipse. At its peak, the moon will cover 81% of the sun at around 2:46 PM.

Even though it won’t get totally dark like areas to our south, we’ll still see some unique phenomena associated with a solar eclipse. The moon will cover part of the sun, which will resemble a much brighter crescent moon. Since the sun won’t be completely blocked out, make sure you have proper eye protection to view the eclipse.

Locations that will see a total solar eclipse will experience a temperature drop of 10 degrees or more once it gets dark, but it won’t be dark enough for Delmarva to experience more than a one or two degree change in temperature. And although it won’t get completely dark, we will experience dimmer light.

As the eclipse approaches, the 47 ABC weather team will provide more information. 

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