Trappe police chief charged with misconduct in office

George Ball, Police Chief of Trappe

The Office of the State Prosecutor says that a Talbot County Chief of Police was indicted on two charges of misconduct in office, on Tuesday.

According to the report, the Talbot County Grand Jury has charged George Ball, Police Chief for the town of Trappe, with allegedly mishandling two criminal matters. One apparently involves a jewelry theft, and another involves the illegal possession of a handgun that was reported stolen. Authorities say Ball allegedly acted for the benefit of a personal acquaintance.

The State Prosecutor, Emmet C. Davitt, says "Police officers take an oath to uphold the law without prejudice or partiality. Nobody is above the law and any violation of that oath is a betrayal of the public trust and cannot be tolerated."

Although Ball is charged, officials say the defendant is presumed innocent unless, and until there is a conviction.

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