Townhall held to consider removal of Confederate plaque

Dozens turned out at the Wicomico Public Library this evening to discuss the removal of a marker for Confederate General John Winder in downtown Salisbury.

The marker stands on the old Wicomico County Courthouse, giving biographical details about the late Confederate general.

The event was organized by a local chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice, also know as SURJ, as a way for citizens to voice their opinions.

Ideas and goals that were given included moving the sign to a different location, or adding additional signs to give a more representative interpretation of history.

47ABC caught up with a few people following the meeting who believe the sign should be removed.

"It's a confederate general and it doesn't belong here.  He wasn't from here, he isn't from this area," said Seamus Benn.

Those sentiments were echoed by Alex Paciga, saying, "Winder wasn't even a Salisbury resident , he wasn't born here, he has no connection to the area."

Meanwhile, Kathy Ziegler, a Salisbury resident during civil rights unrest, says it's important to preserve history, but the marker does not represent the whole story.

SURJ tells 47abc they plan to file a petition with the county council to remove the plaque.

The petition started a few months ago after SURJ said the marker should be moved because it lies less than 100 feet from where the last lynching occurred in Salisbury, adding that is stands on the grounds of the old Byrd Tavern where slaves used to be held before they were auctioned.

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