Shawn Bradley Announces Candidacy

Shawn Bradley announced earlier this week his candidacy for the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Wicomico County.

Bradley, the second official candidate in the race, said in a press release, "I am a lifelong Sales and Operations manager with twenty years of managing staffs to obtain operation excellence and efficiency in all matters of business and customer service."

With former Salisbury mayor Jim Ireton announcing his candidacy last week, Bradley thinks that the position doesn't need a politician or attorney; but someone with experience, who knows how to manage time and money.

"Operational integrity and my exact nature is what sets me apart from others. I don't have a political office to fall back on if I lose, I go back to what I do best and that's drive teams to excellence, profitability and operational integrity," he said in an interview with 47ABC on Thursday afternoon.

Bradley will have a new opponent soon, when James "Bo" McAllister, who is an assistant state attorney in Wicomico County, officially declares for the position Tuesday evening.

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