Salisbury University & Life Crisis Center Team Up

Salisbury, Md.- Salisbury University is partnering up with a local firm that helps abuse and assault victims.

SU and the Life Crisis Center of Salisbury signed a memorandum on Friday, that links Salisbury students to the services that the Life Crisis Center provides.

The Center hopes that the off-campus and confidential services they offer will help students seek the help that they need.

"As part of the services that we provide to the community, but to the SU students as well, is: counseling, therapy for rape, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking," says Life Crisis Center executive director Abby Marsh. "So, really in terms with the trauma that is related to those things, we are the resident experts."

The University will still to continue to offer on-campus resources for assistance, but hopes that with this extra option, students can get the help that they need.

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