Salisbury storm leaves path of damage in it’s wake

Shortly after 1:30 PM, on Monday, a severe storm ripped through Salisbury leaving a path of damage behind. Eye witnesses who were near the intersection of South Salisbury Blvd. and Dogwood Dr. said that they saw a tornado touch down in the area.

Fallon Rice, an employee at the Cricket Wireless, recalled seeing an almost dark green look in the sky moments before her co-worker told her to take shelter.

"He just yells Fallon run! And we ran to the back and booked it and hid in the inventory closet. Walls were shaking. It sounded like it was going to bring the whole thing up. There was plaster and everything dust falling from the walls, so we were pretty surprised to see the windows still here. Still didn't expect to see cars on top of my car in the parking lot," Rice said.

Rice's co-worker Aaron Moore said that he saw the storm coming and almost couldn't believe what he was watching.

"First thing I saw was a trash can flying across the parking lot right there, guy chasing after it. Then, I see winds start picking up, trees start pulling down low to the ground, and I was like 'That's a tornado Fallon run to the back'," Moore said.

47 ABC asked him what he remembered thinking while the storm passed.

"Maybe I'm about to die… maybe I don't know. Who knows what was going on," Moore said.

Down the street, Asya Pitts was on her way to Winging It, a restaurant in that shopping center, to meet her boyfriend for their regular Monday date, when she felt her car begin to shake from the wind. She said she knew her boyfriend was parked in the shopping center, and she got worried about his safety when the debris was flying where he was.

"I seen the tornado kind of come, I could see the wind and the trees just  coming, so I was just like, I hope he's ok and then my phone rung and I looked at my phone, and it was him and he was like, 'I just flipped, like the car just flipped, but I'm ok but I got out in time for it not to flip on me' – so it's just like a lot. I'm just frustrated," Pitts said.

Her boyfriend was okay, only sustaining minor injuries.

Although the whole storm only lasted 30 seconds, eye witnesses including Pitts and Rice said this is not a day they'll soon forget.

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