Queen Annes County tornado town hall

In Queen Annes County almost one month ago, an extremely rare EF-2 tornado touched down, affecting thousands and today, they're still in recovery mode.

Queen Annes County EMS services hosting their second round of town halls in Stevensville Wednesday night to answer questions that still remain from the disaster. The county says that they have most of their public space cleaned up, but many homes in the area are still picking up the pieces.

Community members have raised concerns about what's next and the county hopes that these meetings will answer those questions and concerns.

"We are coming back with responses to those needs. One of those was the alerting service and the National Weather Service will actually be there along with the state's emergency management agency to explain if there were any delays in the alerts for the tornadoes," says Dave Rivett, Division Chief of Queen Annes County EMS.

Community members say they never received a tornado alert on their smart phone, or if they did, it was severely delayed. At the meeting, they also addressed concerns of the permitting process for cleanup and what they'll improve on if a tornado does touch down again.

EMS services say they will hold as many meetings as they need until all of the communities questions are answered.

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