Perdue Family Farmhouse celebrates it’s 100th anniversary

Perdue Farms Revealing New Historic Property Sign

A Maryland company celebrated it’s 100th anniversary in Salisbury Monday.

The Perdue Family Farmhouse is now being included in the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties.

Governor Larry Hogan said, “They were raising chickens in the front yard and selling the eggs. Out of that came this incredible worldwide, you know, leading producer of poultry. It’s quite a success story.”

The Perdue family built their very first farm house by hand in 1917 in Salisbury, just before the Great Depression.

After three years, Arthur Perdue started selling eggs, eventually creating the company known as Perdue Farms.

Randy Day, CEO of Perdue, said, “We’re now the largest organic chicken producer in the country. All of our birds are raised with no antibiotics ever. This is just a wonderful, progressive, conscientious, thoughtful company. It’s a privilege to work here.”

Perdue has played a critical role in the local community.

Hogan said, “This has a huge impact on the Salisbury area and they put a lot of people to work. Even the ones that don’t work with this company, I think have been touched somehow by their generosity.”

The company helped erect the stadium that bares it’s name, the Delmarva Shorebirds Perdue Stadium, and even created the Shore Birds, the team that plays there.

They’ve also created the Perdue School of Business at Salisbury University.

It goes beyond Delmarva, however. The whole state has benefited from the company’s philanthropy.

Hogan said, “Well, I’ll tell ya, there’s probably not many companies in the history of this state, for this region, it’s incredible. But for this state, it produced a half a billion dollars a year in revenue for our state.”

For Mitzi Perdue, the wife of the late Frank Perdue, she said seeing the 100th anniversary of her family’s Farmhouse meant the world.

“Well I was standing here, watching people speak, thinking ugh! Wouldn’t he be proud if he could see it,” Mitzi Perdue said.

The Perdue Farmhouse is part of the company’s logo and is located across the street from the corporate offices of Perdue Farms.

Perdue is Maryland’s third largest company. There are now 21,000 associates and 5,000 farmers involved with Perdue.

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