More details from the employees who filed complaints against Dewey Beach’s town manager

In Dewey Beach, we have more details from the employees who filed complaints against town manager Marc Appelbaum.

The attorney representing the employees, Richard Cross, says the complaint itself was suspended by the suggestion of the town solicitor.

However, there are still ongoing complaints that have been filed with the town's Public Integrity Commission.

Cross says the town had asked them to suspend that complaint in order to give them a chance to finish their own internal investigation.

Cross tells 47 ABC, "It's a mountain of evidence that we've submitted so far and we're cooperating with this internal investigation and now we're providing dozens of hours of statements on the record for them that all corroborate all the allegations that we've made. Any one of these allegations should be sufficient for him to be suspended and terminated."

Cross says that the town wants to create the impression that this is going away.

He tells 47 ABC in his experience, an internal investigation like this should have been completed already.

We reached out to the town of Dewey Beach and their lawyer said, "How can we finish an internal investigation when we just started interviewing the complainants this past Monday?"


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