Map Displays Hate Groups Operating on Delmarva

This weekend the nation looked on in horror as protests over a confederate monument slated to be removed by town officials turned violently fatal. 

Now some civil rights organizations are reminding people that there is a way to find out how many hate groups are in your area – and where they are. 

47 ABC's Erica Murphy spoke with some social activists and other experts about what they call the hate map. 

This map from was tweeted out after protesting over a confederate monument in Charlottesville turned deadly. 

One political scientist specializing in Africana studies says it is *not* alarming to him that hate groups exists on Delmarva. 

" If you look at a map of the United States and you look at Trump support what you find is Trump support is highest in out-county areas." 

In Maryland 18 hate groups are listed on the map, in Virginia there are 42. 

Delaware has four, something that came as a shock to Governor John Carney 

"I'd be upset and surprised if there were one. That kind of hate has no place in America and no place in the state of Delaware."

Carney places much of the blame in President Donald Trump's lap.

"I think he gave voice to these hateful.groups and didn't denounce them in strong enough terms. Exuviated them in my view. I just think we cant be definitive enough about how unacceptable that kind of behavior is  "

According to the map,  Maryland has 18 registered hate groups which include names like the Nation of Islam,  National Socialist Movement,  and the Maryland State Skinheads.

Only two have central locations on Delmarva – but several seem to be statewide groups.  

An activist with the National Action Network says the hate shown on the map is the same hate responsible for the life lost during the protesting in Charlottesville.    

"When we look at what happened in Charlottesville We must juxtapose the hate that killed Heather with the hate filled white power movement generated by Donald Trump . 

Erica Murphy – 47 ABC




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