Local seniors worried about potential federal funding cuts

In Maryland,  local senior centers are feeling the heat.

With looming cuts in the proposed federal budget, those who rely on senior services are left with concerns about the future. Feeling that uncertainty is the MAC Center, a facility that serves seniors on Maryland's lower shore.

Virginia Bender and Helena Green are frequent visitors of the MAC Center in Salisbury, and rely on the center for their meals.

"When you get to a certain age you're not as active as you used to, and when you do things you're a little bit slower," says Green.

However, they're not the only ones that are in need of onsite or off-site meals.

"We also have another audience we feed, and they are in their homes, these are called home bound meals, and again we serve about 800 people throughout the year, and the number of meals we serve are between 72,000- 74,000 thousand meal," says Karla Beardsley, the Nutrition Program Director at MAC.

The MAC center relies on federal funding to provide those meals, but any cuts will make it difficult to meet the demand.

"We would probably have to serve less people, and less meals,  so again all of  us eat meals every single day, but to tell a senior you can only deliver  meals for example 3 days a week, that's really a heartache for us, says Beardsley.

Which is why on Tuesday,  senior citizens at the MAC Center are sending their message to Congress using  paper plates. On these plates they write  the importance  that this center has on their  lives.

"We hope that we would stay at level funding,  if we can stay the same and not have cuts. This would make us all happy," says Beardsley.

This week, the folks at the MAC center will continue writing messages to Congress on paper plates. They tell 47 ABC that they expect to deliver them to the local offices of their representatives by August 7th.

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