Governor Hogan shows state support for local business in Salisbury post tornado

Salisbury was taken by storm when a tornado rampaged through the city. That tornado causing damage in different areas.

Hoppers being one of those businesses in the path of destruction.Post tornado, Governor Hogan showed state support to those local businesses.

Governor Hogan says, "Our team reached out to the locals, but they really had things under control and I think they deserve a lot of credit all of the neighbors and shop owners and volunteers along with every department in this city and some of the county folks did an incredible job."

The state was able to provide several resources. Some of those resources involve the availability of the Maryland Insurance Administration.

Hoppers is still working out their own issues, repairing damage that was done. They were working on 62 holes in the roof to the building that affects the restaurants.

But despite the damage, Hoppers owner says he's beyond grateful for Governor Hogan offering that helping hand and showing support for small businesses.

Above all, Governor Hogan tells 47 ABC, he's thankful that Salisbury did not face any severe injuries.

In the food pavilion that Hoppers is in, Wingin' It saw the most damage and they've been closed since the day of the tornado.

But the rest of the restaurants are open for regular business hours. 


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