El Galeon successfully docks in Ocean City

El Galeon proceeds through the Route 50 Drawbridge

An incredible display of team work and skill took place on the Ocean City bay Friday morning.

El Galeon, a replica of a 16th Century Spanish ship, made its voyage into the bay, barely clearing the Route 50 Drawbridge.

Hundreds of spectators gathered to get a glimpse of the unique maneuver.

During high tide, the inlet is only 11 feet deep and the ship goes 10 ½ feet into the water.

In other words, the ship only had a 6-inch margin of error, but with the help of tow boats and the Coast Guard, the vessel was able to successfully dock between 3rd and 4th Street.

People traveled out from both near and far to witness the impressive voyage.

Dave Peaper, a spectator, said, “I’m impressed how he can get through there! The tides got to be just right and he doesn’t have much space to maneuver there.”

El Galeon will remain docked in Ocean City until August 27th.

The ship will be open for tours where visitors will be able to explore the boat’s history and authentic interiors.

There will also be festival grounds by the ship full of vendors, delicious food and other attractions.

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