County School District Addresses Teacher Shortage

Wicomico school officials says they are finding new ways to address the statewide teacher shortage.

The district has a special program just for high school students who are interested in becoming teachers. 

The Maryland Academy of Maryland offers students from 9th or 10th grade to  learn about a career in education by pairing them with a teacher in their school.

By their senior year, these students will do a student teaching internship and possibly earn a scholarship. 

Micah Stauffer heads up the CTE program and says the teaching curriculum serves a duo purpose. 

"Between the four high schools we have about 50 students. Each cohort of the program so we're hoping  to be able to move forward with graduating 50 students a year that have the potential to come back and work for us. 

The district's Career and Technology Education program currently has about 1,000 students.

Officials say in addition to the statewide teacher shortage, minority teachers are also missing from many classrooms. 

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