Constable Sales Option for Delaware Creditors

It's a little known form of debt collection, and its happening right here on Delmarva.

Today, 47 ABC learned a little more about Constable sales.

We learned that they are taking place year round. 

And for those who don't know, it's a process of selling off a person's non-essential belongings to satisfy a debt.

Chief Magistrate, Alan Davis, says although most folks have never heard of a constable sale, many people will use this to get people to pay up.

"Sometimes the creditor will use the levy obviously as a tactic as they are trying to convince the people to just pay this. Its often used where you don't have garnishment information and you cant go garnish someone's wages, but you know where they live."
Davis says many times the sales are cancelled because the debtor will pay what they owe. The judge also notes that the sales take place right in the home of the debtor. Constable sales can be held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday depending on the county the action was filed in.


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