Card-Skimmers Found at Gas Stations in Ocean City

Ocean City Police want everyone on Delmarva to be aware of a scam aimed at stealing credit card info right at the gas pump.

"We are advising citizens that if you feel like u may be a victim of this crime to call your local police department," says Lindsay Richard, the Public Information Officer for the Ocean City Police Department.

Recently, two credit card skimmers were discovered at two stations in Ocean City.

"Usually we see this kind of crime maybe that aren't open 24-7 that have poor lighting at night or maybe don't have as many surveillance cameras set up," Richards said.

Police say this type of scam ropes in many victims because there are no visible signs the pump has been tampered with.

This tourist from Tennessee says she has a fool-proof way to avoid this scam. "I like to pay in cash so i don't have any problems with that and I only use my credit card at notable stations," says Taylor Shennett of Tennessee.

Shennett says by avoiding using her credit card, she can make sure she enjoys her vacation.

"It does because I don't wanna be caught, while I'm on vacation, having fun realizing that some of my money that I don't want to be spent is being spent without my knowledge," Shennett says.

It's unclear how many people were affected.  Police are checking pumps at other stations, but haven't located the people responsible.

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