‘Baby Cuddlers’ help PRMC nurses soothe babies

Hearing a baby in distress, it's a natural instinct to want to help soothe them, and that's just what many nurses are doing at one Salisbury hospital and are looking for the community's help to fulfill this demand.

Every year about 2,000 babies are born at Peninsula Regional Medical Center, about 350 of those are in need of special care services.

Some of those babies are born prematurely,  are born with with health conditions,  or even some dealing with withdrawal after being born to mothers battling addiction.

"We can have quite a few, we've had up to 8 at a time, so that's definitely something that consumes our time. They can be much more irritable,  they wake more frequently, they require more frequent feedings than your average newborn," says Lori Morgan , the Clinical Manager for the Special Care Nursery at PRMC.

The nurses at PRMC work around the clock to tend to each baby, but they can't meet this demand alone, which is why they rely on volunteers known as 'baby cuddlers' to help comfort babies when they are in distress.

"You want to make them close and secure, they're used to spending months in the womb," says Morgan.

Nurses say this comfort can help them dramatically in the long run.

"It improves their health immensely, they show improvements in vital signs,  when there is someone there it helps regulate their temperature," says Morgan.

Right now PRMC is looking to secure a consistent basis of baby cuddlers. For more information on how to volunteer at their special care nursery or other units in the hospital.

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