2017 Eastern Apicultural Society Conference creates a buzz in Delaware

In the first state, the University of Delaware is buzzing with excitement.

That's because this year's Eastern Apicultural Society, known as EAS, is taking place during the first week of August.

And it's all about the bees. It's the largest non-commercial bee convention in the country. This annual conference moves around from state to state and this year they were able bring it to Newark.

Over 650 bee keepers came from all over the country, even some from New Zealand and Ethiopia.

The conference allows bee keepers to share knowledge and explore the latest scientific research.

They are even certifying master bee keepers.

Beyond that, the EAS Conference is able to educate bee keepers through a hands on process.

Those bee keepers get to go outside and actually interact with these flying species. Over 20 beehives are used to educate bee keepers. Each hive has approximately 40,000 bees in it.

These bees were actually donated locally in order to be a class demonstration.

The first step is to get into the classroom and spray down the area to calm down the bees.

"What we're interested is what's going on in the chamber. We want to know what's going on with the queen and we can judge her by how she lays her eggs, where she lays her eggs. We're learning where the queen is what her job is, we're judging the hive by the pattern, it's just a real learning experience for bee keepers," volunteer Cindy Bee tells 47 ABC.

Through class discussion, we learned that the female worker bees rule the hives.

This learning experience and conference is run collectively by volunteers.

Bee says, "It's wonderful to come together and exchange information see things see what's going on in a beehive hands on and learn from others that have been in the field for decades or generations even."

Volunteers say this tends to be a solitary group. On a day-to-day basis, the beekepeers tend to be by themselves in the bee yard.

But having this conference allows all the bee keepers in the area to come together and share that common love for bees.

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