Wicomico County Council asks County Exec. to clear up stance on Station 13

In the latest in the controversy surrounding fire service in Wicomico County the county council is now asking the county executive to clear up his stance on the former station one volunteers, now known as Station 13. 

Last week County Executive Bob Culver sent a letter to the county Emergency Services director Dave Shipley asking him to begin the process of adding Station 13 into the radio system. 

In the letter Culver asks Shipley to "assign Volunteers of Fire Station 13 that territory of the bypass and easterly section of what was once City of Salisbury Station One's territory". Culver goes on to explain that territory as "the area including the bypass and all Wicomico County land East of the bypass."

This week the council responded saying Culver's actions seem to contradict what was agreed upon in the April Fire Service Agreement.  An agreement reached between the City of Salisbury and Wicomico County to reimburse Salisbury for the fire service it provided to parts of the county. The council also asks Culver to stop the process of adding Station 13 in the EMS system before things are figured out.

In the letter addressed to Culver the council writes in part "This (fire service) does not include territory for Station No. 13. Further, this agreement specifically states that the Salisbury Fire District may only be amended by agreement of the County, the City and the Wicomico County Chiefs Association."

The council writes later that they have not been presented or agreed to an amendment to the Fire Service Agreement that would grant Station 13 any territory.

If any changes were to made, the council asks Culver to follow the step outlined in the service agreement.

"We, therefore, respectfully request that before the Emergency Services goes to the additional time and expense of making changes to the emergency services system, you let the formal process be followed , which would allow for each of the three entities – the County – which includes Executive and Council – the City – which includes the mayor and the council – and the Wicomico County Chiefs Association to review the proposed Station Number 13 territory to determine, first, if the Fire Services Agreement should be amended," the council writes.

The council adds before any station 13 territory can be considered they want to know in detail how they will be funded. Currently Station 13 is not being funded in the county budget.  Station 13 has said with or without funding from the county they will be ready to be in full operation by September.


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