Tips for staying safe on jet skis

Following news of the accident near Bishopville, 47ABC has some tips so you can stay safe on the water when jet skiing.

According to the Maryland Natural Resources Police, you should do the following:

  • Always abide by the 100-foot rule – stay at least 100 feet away from vessels, piers and other objects to give yourself time to react come to a stop.
  • Wear a life jacket, make sure your kill switch is functioning, and keep a fire extinguisher with you.
  • Most importantly, treat it like a car on the water.

"Be aware.  Put your head on a swivel.  Know what's in front of you, know what's coming up on either side of you, know what's coming up behind you.  Those are the kinds of things you know, when you're driving a car, you're checking your mirrors, you're looking in your rear-view mirror, you're looking straight ahead, you need to do kind of the same thing with a jet ski," said spokeswoman Candy Thomson.

You are also required to have a whistle on you while skiing, be at least 16, and have a boating education card if you were born on, or after June 1, 1972.

For more on how to stay safe or for regulations on jet skis, you can go to the state's Department of Natural Resources website.

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